About Us

Welcome to the official site of the Teller team project!
We will be glad to have you among our clients and partners.
Teller offers its services to both private persons and business customers.

Doing business with Teller, companies receive excellent customer communication channel. This service allows you to trade, to inform your clients, to provide customer support and also provides feedback via the interactive USSD and SMS messages. As part of the services we provide voice communication when USSD channel potential isn’t enough. We provide the ability to listen some information, to make a call to the call centre or place an order for call back at client’s convenient time. This communication channel is inexpensive, high speed and Internet free. In 90 per cent of cases, telephone is within walking distance of its owner that allows you to communicate with your client immediately.

For owners of phones Teller offers the service of quick balance replenishment at telecom companies, transferring funds between accounts and providers. Refilling via Teller you enter into our company sales promotion and get the chance to win prizes and loyalty points.

«Use the SMS service not instead of but integrally with Internet and numbers of your clients will increase! SMS does not require some modern telephone or Internet connection; it will be delivered even if the phone was off-line now of sending. SMS, as the wheel, invented long ago but is still so usefully.» - CEO  Company Alexey Frolov.

Office address: TALLIN, Tuukri 19-216

CARDPLATA OÜ   represents the Teller service  in countries of the CIS.
Address:  Pärnu maakond, Tahkuranna küla, Merimäe tee 21-3
Register code: 12607977

E-mail: info@teller.store