Our services

TELLER offers business, household and personal users a convenient and secure way to replenish the accounts belonging to various telecom operators all over the world.

1. SMS and USSD - communication with customer's clients

TELLER offers an effective tool for the organization of the personal user interaction in any business area – USSD/SMS service. The service allows to provide the business interactive communications with mobile users via self-explanatory user interface.

2. Call Center / Call Back service

The Call Center/Call Back service provides information sharing, order, claiming and requests taking, customer satisfaction phone surveys or statistics collection. Also, it provides using of dedicated numbers per each service or continuous updating of telephone numbers according to client's objectives.

3. Client capture for ordering customer via SMS and phone calls.

An effective way of clients landing. Our telemarketers will make calls to the prospective purchasers suggesting some sort of product or service, or making new commercial quotations. Generally, the dialogue performs according to the prewritten script with the prepared answers and questions beforehand.

4. Mobile operators and telecom companies’ balances replenishment.

Mobile operators and telecom companies’ balances replenishment service provides the possibility of instant recharging of the telecom companies pre-paid accounts. The unified recharge service essentially facilitates the different telecommunication service control for business and personal using.

5. Transfer of funds from one operator balance to the others.

The service provides the most adaptable way of controlling own funds and seamlessly transferring of funds between different telecom operators’ accounts. The use of service provides a more flexible financial management when the resources are limited and essentially increase the speed of telecom operators balance replenishment.

 Please contact our customer support center or personal information manager for more information about our products and capabilities.