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 Cardplata OÜ  represents the Teller service.



TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service allows the transfer of telephone communications credits for the reloading of prepaid telecommunication accounts of Beneficiaries, customers of Telecommunication Partner Operators. The Service is offered to the Client through a Website accessible online at the https://teller.store.



The Customer is the person who orders and pays the Service in order to carry out the reloading of the Credit in favor of the Beneficiary.


The Beneficiary is the person for whom the loading is carried out by the Client via the Service. The Beneficiary holds a prepaid telecommunication account with one of the Telecommunication Operators partners of the Service. The Beneficiary is individually identified by its international telephone number (+ country code + telephone number).

 Telecommunication Operator Service Partner:

A partner of the Service is one of the operators of telecommunication and their resellers with which TELLER has the technical means and contractual agreements adapted to the realization of the reloading of prepaid telecommunication accounts in the conditions of the General Terms & Conditions. The current list of partner telecommunication operators and resellers is available on the Site.


The Credit is a telephone communication credit which, in connection with the supply of the Service, is transferred in the form of a reloading of the prepaid telecommunication account of the Beneficiary. A credit is defined as an amount denominated in a telecommunication communications credit unit: for most Telecommunication Operators, the credit unit is the local currency of the country in which the Operator operates. This amount, hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Amount”, corresponds to the recharge that is actually credited and available on the Beneficiary’s telecommunication account.


 Description and Terms of Service

TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service does not provide a telecommunication service and is only a distributor of Credit of communication of the operator’s telecommunication partners, with a view to the reloading of prepaid telecommunication accounts of Beneficiaries, customers of these Operators. TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service does not provide end-to-end service, the telephone, SMS, USSD, IP telephone services where reloading is performed is provided by the Telecommunications Operator. The communication credits of these telecommunication operators are transferred to the Beneficiary, subscriber of the Operator, without recourse against TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service in the event of failure of the Telecommunication Operator. The quality of service disputes, the number of minutes or any other telecommunications service provided by the Operator, the cost, the period of validity of the credit or any other condition of the transferred telecommunication credit shall be dealt with directly The telecommunication Operator partner.


 Conditions of reloading, ordering and payment

 Conditions of reloading

The Site allows only to reload the prepaid accounts of the customers of the Telecommunication Operators recipients accepting it and having been the subject of an agreement with TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service. Operators accepting this reload can change without notice, their list being published on the Site. The list of territories and the list of telecommunication operators can be modified.


The recharge does not have a monetary value. It is neither exchangeable nor refundable. The number of minutes is variable depending on the conditions and tariff offers of each Recipient Operator. The amount of reloading indicated can also change without notice as modified by the Recipient Operators. Similarly, the recipient Operator may apply any type of charges, such as taxes, taxes or other, without prior notice, thereby reducing the credit associated with the recharge amount in accordance with these changes at any time. TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service is not responsible for these conditions and modifications made by the recipient Operator. The value of the Recharge may be modified in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Telecommunication Partner. TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service is in no way responsible for the general conditions of these Telecommunication Operators or any change of these. Once the credit has been loaded into the Beneficiary’s prepaid telecommunication account, the use of the available telephone communications credit is then normally governed by the pre-existing contractual conditions between the Beneficiary and the telecommunication partner operator of which he is a customer. In particular, the validity period of the reload is defined by the telecommunication partner operator.


Process as an Intermediary, TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service supports order taking by the Customer of credit reloads. To this end, TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service offers the Customer, on the Site, an interface of order of the recharges of Credit. This interface has the following functional characteristics:

 – The Customer chooses the operator from the list of proposed the Operators operate;

– The customer click on the button “Payment”;

 – The Customer is then asked to fill in the telephone number & e-mail of the Beneficiary, corresponding to the prepaid telecommunication account to be recharged: this number must be entered in the international format (+ country code + call number);

 – Then the Customer fills a Credit amount and choices currency for top-up.

The price of the Service is displayed to the Customer. The Client must then inform the information about his means of payment necessary for the smooth running of the online payment as described in Article 4.3. below. The customer is finally invited to confirm his order by clicking on the button “Top-up your account”. Through this action, the Customer gives irrevocable mandate to TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service to credit the prepaid telecommunication account of the Beneficiary for its order and on its behalf. The commitment to pay by card is irrevocable. By communicating his banking information at the time of the sale, the Customer authorizes the Seller to debit his card of the amount relating to the indicated price. The Customer confirms that he is the legal holder of the card to be debited and that he is legally entitled to use it. In case of error, or inability to debit the card, the Sale is immediately canceled and the order canceled. When the customer confirms the reload, TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service performs the process of debiting the Customer and reloading the Beneficiary’s telecommunication account. Once completed, the Customer cannot cancel this reload process. Any telecommunication recharge is final without possibility of refund or exchange. The Client is fully responsible for indicating without error the telecommunication phone number of the recipient of the telecommunication recharge. TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service is not responsible for reloading to an incorrect or incorrect destination telephone number. The Customer must ensure that the prepaid telecommunication number indicated to receive the telecommunication recharge is correct. An automatic acknowledgment of receipt of the order is also sent by e-mail indicated by the Customer at the time of ordering.


 Terms and Conditions of Payment

Payment must be made by credit card or by any other means specified on the Site or agreement with Customer. Any means of payment can be modified under the responsibility of TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service. TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service reserves the right to reject the order of a Customer with whom it has encountered payment problems.


The prices of the services mentioned on the Site, which are inclusive of all taxes included, are those in force at the time of the consultation of the Site and the validation of the order by the Customer. The content and the price of the offers made are subject to change according to the evolution of the offer of the Operators and also according to the fluctuations of the exchange rates of the respective currencies of the countries in which the Operators have established their activity.


The customer is informed that TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service applies the following rules for the use of the service:

 – Maximum daily amount: € 60

 – Monthly maximum amount: € 120

 – Number of successful transactions per day: 5

 – Number of successful transactions per month: 12

 – Restriction CB: Couple IP address / country,

 – BC valid on site: Visa and MasterCard, Invalid BC on the site: business card or one

In addition, TELLER Top-Up&Transfert may suspend the use of the service by the Customer in the event of fraud or attempted fraud from the Customer to the Service, in particular during the Transfer of communication credit made by the Client.

Cancellation of a validated order

In case a credit transfer transaction fails after validation of the order, for whatever reason (telecommunication account ineligible, refusal of the Operator, technical incident and other reason) , The corresponding Customer’s order is canceled. The Customer’s payment corresponding to this order is also canceled. TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service sends an e-mail to the Customer in order to notify him of the cancellation of his order and of the corresponding payment.

Renunciation of right of withdrawal

The customer expressly agrees to waive the right of withdrawal within the time limit Of 14 days, provided that the use by the Beneficiary of the Credit has commenced before the expiration of the said period of 14 days. Acceptance of the immediate start of the provision of the Service and the express waiver of the right of withdrawal is formalized upon validation of the order. As a result, purchases of credit refills are firm and final. They cannot therefore give rise to exchange, refund or the exercise of a right of withdrawal.


TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service and the Operator (hereinafter referred to as the “Suppliers”) will make their best efforts to ensure the best availability and quality of the Service. Suppliers will endeavor to keep the Service accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. However, Suppliers reserve the right, for maintenance reasons, to temporarily suspend access to the Service without notice. Interruption shall be entitled to compensation for the benefit of the Client or the Beneficiary. Suppliers shall put in place the means necessary for the smooth running of the Service. They shall take the necessary measures to maintain continuity and quality of service. As such, the Supplier shall not be liable in the event of force majeure within the meaning of the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation. In any event, the Supplier shall under no circumstances be liable to repair any indirect damage suffered by the Customer or the Beneficiary in connection with the use of the Service. Indirect damages are those which do not result exclusively and directly from the failure of the Suppliers; indirect losses include operating losses and commercial damages. The liability of the Suppliers for any reason whatsoever may be incurred only in the case of a fault proved in the execution of the services duly ordered by the Customer. Suppliers’ liability in the event of partial or total breach of their own contractual obligations is limited to the amount of the price received by Suppliers. Finally, the Suppliers are released from all responsibility for the use of the bank card that is covered by the cardholder’s credit card contract between the Client and the Customer’s bank. The site is usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, TELLER reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the site for site maintenance and repair. It is recalled that TELLER does not provide telecommunications services and it acts only as a reseller of Credit Refills. Therefore TELLER cannot guarantee that the telecommunication services provided by the telecommunication operators will be executed without any defects or interruption and cannot be held responsible for the performance quality of these telecommunication services.


In order to benefit from the Service, the Client must create his own account. When creating an account, Customer must provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information as requested on the registration form. The Customer certifies that the information provided is accurate, accurate and complete and agrees to update it if necessary.

Once registered, the Customer receives a user name and password and is fully responsible for any activity occurring under his account, including unauthorized use of his credit card. The Client must immediately notify any unauthorized use of his account at the following address: info@teller.store

The customer must be of legal age to use the refill purchase service on the Site. TELLER Top-Up&Transfert cannot be held responsible for use by customers who have violated this rule.

As a result, minors must obtain authorization from their parents (or persons with parental authority over the minor) to purchase Communication Credit for reloading purposes.

 Customer Service and Claims

 – For any question or information concerning these General Conditions or the Service, the customer can contact our customer service by e-mail: info@teller.eu.com

 – Any complaint must be sent to TELLER Top-Up&Transfert no later than one month from the date of the event, under pain of forfeiture, and written in writing by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address:

Cardplata OÜ   TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service

 Customer service

ADRESS: TALLINN, , Laki tn 14a-1. korp B 204, 10621

 Requests must include the following:

 – the country and the telecommunication number of the recipient of the reload,

 – the date and time of the order.

 – the transaction reference,

 – the user account identifier,

 – the specific reason for the claim.

 Right of access to files and personal data

TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service collects personal data relating to said customer (eg telephone number, e-mail) and the Beneficiary (telephone number) when ordering the Service by a customer.

This collection allows TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service to process the order but also to be able to improve its services with respect to its customers or to transmit to them in particular information about its services. By using the services of TELLER, any customer accepts, on the one hand, the processing of his data and, on the other hand, to receive free commercial offers.

For the purposes of this Contract, the Beneficiary’s mobile telephone number shall be transferred to the Beneficiary’s Telecommunication Operator established in a country which may, if necessary, be outside the Union European Union. Such data may also be transferred to any provider or subcontractor involved in the provision of the Service.

The customer has the right to object, access, rectification and deletion of any personal data concerning him obtained by TELLER Top-Up&Transfert service when using the Service.

To do so, please send your request to info@teller.store .

More information: https://teller.eu.store/page/privacy-policy


We inform the customer that during his visits to the Site, one or more “cookies” can be installed automatically on his computer. A cookie is a small file saved on the client’s hard disk. This file does not identify the client in a nominative way, but saves certain information related to its browsing (pages viewed, date and time of the consultation, IP address, etc …). The information collected is notably for statistical purposes. Such data shall not be passed on to third parties, but in the event of unlawful conduct on the site or a request from a judicial authority, such data may be communicated to the courts.

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 Applicable Law and Disputes

These General Conditions of Sale are subject to Estonian law.

In case of dispute concerning the interpretation, execution and / or validity of the present general conditions, and in case a regulation Amicably in case of dispute could not have been reached, express jurisdiction is attributed to the Courts of Tallinn, notwithstanding plurality of defendants or call in guarantee, in all proceedings, contradictory or not, and even in the event of urgent procedures.

 Legal information

Version of May 28, 2020.